My very first experience was on the other side of the camera. Me and my twin sister started a modeling career when teens. I did enjoy posing, but I always envied the photographer. I liked the fact that they are the ones in charge and creating the story. That’s where the dream started.

I learned that you need to work hard to make your dreams come true so I studied photography. At age 22 I got my very first job as a portrait photographer, and not even a year later I became a manager of a portrait studio.

But life does change… I got engaged, decided to move to Florida and tried a new career. What stayed the same? My passion for photography.


In 2013 I was a volunteer photographer for a local opera league and snapped a photo of a very sweet couple that came to enjoy some music. When my work was put on the display the next event, the gentleman came to me asking for extra copies of the photo of him and his wife. He lost her just recently, that was the only photo of them together that was taken in a long time. He said to me that I had a special talent to capture his wife smiling and looking so happy. That was the moment I knew I need to be capturing those precious moments for others for lifelong memories.

 dita wikes